• tuxedoandex said: Your blog is addicting, help me D:

    Sorry for the inconvenience!
    I’ll make an effort to be more sucky.

  • This is gonna hurt me worse than it does you…

    This is gonna hurt me worse than it does you…

  • Best of Web Comics - Fowl Language Comics | Unearthed Comics

    If you’re someone who gives a damn about who I am (hi, Mom!). Or if you have aspirations to be my stalker, here’s lots of info about me from an interview I did with Sara from the great Unearthed Comics.

  • I’m doooooomed.

    I’m doooooomed.

  • Literary humor!

    Literary humor!

  • Chug-chug-BOOM


  • rachel-franke said: Since we're doing asks, I'm curious: how did you decide on a duck to be your author-avatar character?

    Hey Rachel-franke, thanks for your question!

    The tl;dr answer is: I like drawing ducks ;)

    The long version goes like this: Previous to drawing Fowl Language I drew a comic called Chuck & Beans for about 7 years. The two main characters were a rabbit and a dog and after all that while I was ready to draw some different types of animals.

    I was also ready for a change of tone. C&B was essentially an all-ages comic and there were rarely any bad words used. A few times I dabbled into more adult subject matter/ language and not-surprisingly it didn’t go over well with the fans. I had already set the tone of the comic and doing more adult content was out of character.

    When I sat down to create a new comic I knew I wanted to do something more adult. When I thought up the pun/title “Fowl Language” it sort of sealed the deal that I would write something featuring birds. I also figured it would, perhaps-not-so-subtlety, indicate to the smattering of hold-over fans that there would be swearing and R-rated jokes this time around.

    More information than you probably wanted, but there you go!


  • boredpersonandco said: Where do you get the inspiration for your comics?

    Hey, cool! My first real question :)

    My cartoons are largely inspired by real life events, like my struggles as a dad or whatever neurotic, geeky thing I’m obsessing over that week.

    Well that, and a fair amount of random nonsense that occurs to me while I’m in the shower, which is where I think up a lot of my cartoons.

    Don’t know why being wet and naked is so conducive to the writing process, but it works for me.

  • Choose wisely…

    Choose wisely…

  • My Spidey-Sense sucks.

    My Spidey-Sense sucks.

  • Otherwise known as Me Vs Ice Cream

    Otherwise known as Me Vs Ice Cream

  • Here’s wishing all the dads out there get a quiet moment to yourselves today…

    Here’s wishing all the dads out there get a quiet moment to yourselves today…

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